• H.J., UK

     Wow. I just wanted to say ما شاء الله and well done for such an awesome site. I have been sharing your site since I received it this morning from a brother. Since then I have been receiving multiple messages of JZK for sharing your site. May Allah reward you guys for this.

  • Abdul Ghafoor, UK

     MashaAllah, the new site is very comprehensive and powerful for deep insights. Well done for compiling this - great resource for tafseer students and scholars.

  • Dr. O.M., UK

     I have just discovered your wonderful website. May Allah reward you endlessly.

  • A.B. , UK

     Excellent tool for deep Qur'anic research. MashaAllah. May Allah Almighty accept it from all those involved (ameen).

  • Abu Halimah, UK

     Masha'Allah what an excellent resource, this makes studying the Qur'an so much easy, a lot of amazing information here... keep up the good work... May Allah (swt) reward everyone involved.. (Ameen).


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