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Revelation begins - Private Invitation to Islam , Revelation begins - Private Invitation to Islam , Revelation begins - Private Invitation to Islam , Public Invitation to Islam - Persecution of Muslims; antagonism - ridicule - derision - accusation - abuse and false propaganda., Physical beating and torture of some Muslims - 1st Migration of Muslims to Abyssinia, 2nd Migration to Abyssinia, Boycott of Banu Hashim Yr 1, Boycott of Banu Hashim Yr 2, Boycott of Banu Hashim Yr 3, Death of Abu Talib - Death of Khadijah - Stoning at Ta'if - al-Isra wal Mi'raj - Night Journey, 1st Pledge of Aqabah, 2nd Pledge of Aqabah, , Migration from Makkah to Madinah - Building of Masjid Nabi in Madinah - Treaty with Jews of Madinah - Marriage of Prophet to Aishah, Change of Qiblah from Jerusalem to Makkah - Battle of Badr, Battle of Uhud, , Battle of Ahzab - Expedition of Banu Quraydhah, Treaty of Hudaiybiyah - Letters to Kings and Rulers, , Conquest of Makkah - Battle of Hunain, Hajj led by Abu Bakr - Expedition of Tabuk, Farewell Hajj by Prophet - Death of Prophet - End of Divine Revelation,
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‘Aad, Aaron, Aaron (House of) , Ablution, Ablution (circumstances requiring) , Abraham, Abraham (neither Jew nor Christian) , Abraham (stood in first mosque at Bakkah) , Abrogation, Abu Lahab, Abu Lahab (his wife) , Adam, Adam (angels to prostrate before) , Adam (tree of knowledge) , Adam (banishment from Garden (no blame to Eve)) , Adversity (not burdened beyond capability to withstand) , Adversity (not burdened with another’s burden) , Adversity (patience during) , Ageing, Ageing (behaviour towards ageing parents in your care) , Ahmad, Al Rass, God (a day for Him is ) (a thousand human years), God (a thousand human years) (fifty thousand years), God (ability to do anything) , God (best of all judges) , God (beyond definition) , God (brings disbelievers schemes to nought) , God (replaces humans with another) , God (causes laughter and crying) , God (caused a man to sleep for a century) , God (enemy of those who deny the truth) , God (extol his glory from morning until night) , God (false daughters of) , God (false daughters of) (by name), God (gives humans free will) , God (giving it all up for him) , God (good and evil are from Him) , God (grants life and death) , God (hard strivers rewarded better) , God (has no consort) , God (has no son) , God (has not forsaken you during your hard times) , God (is the) (First and the Last), God (is the) (Outward and Inward), God (knows that beyond comprehension) , God (loves those who behave equitably) , God (made no laws regarding that of which He didn’t speak) , God (mercy towards prisoners of war who have good in them) , God (nature of) , God (no human is a divinity) , God (not a trinity) , God (refuge from evil with) , God (remembering him standing--- sitting--- lying down) , God (shapes you in the womb) , God (throne rests upon the water) , God (will create things of which you have no knowledge) , God (wills no wrong to His creation) , Alliances, Alliances (Christians and Jews) , Alliances (forbidden with disbelieving kin) , Alliances (forbidden with hypocrites) , Angels, Angels (eight will bear God’s throne aloft on Judgement Day) , Angels (false claim that they are female) , Angels (guardian) , Angels (nineteen lord over hell) , Angels (not sent to satisfy whims) , Angels (sent to inspire) , Anger (withhold) , Ants, Apes, Apes (despicable) , Apostasy, Apostasy (do not ask for speedy doom for apostates) , Apostasy (do not ask for speedy doom for apostates) (God alone will punish them), Apostasy (punishment in the hereafter) , Apostasy (rejection by others) , Apostasy (repentance) , Apostasy (repentance) (on Judgement Day is too late), Apostasy (under duress) , Arguments/Attacks (respond in kind) , Arguments/Attacks (respond in kind) (being patient is far better), Armour, Astronomy (celestial mechanics) , Astronomy (celestial mechanics) (moon), Astronomy (celestial mechanics) (solar and lunar orbits), Astronomy (celestial mechanics) (sun), Astronomy (celestial navigation) , Astronomy (constellations) , Astronomy (motion of objects in the Universe) , Astronomy (objects impacting Earth) , Astronomy (planets) , Astronomy (Sirius (Alpha Canis Major)) , Astronomy (stars) , Astronomy (stars) (neighbourhood of Earth populated by), Astronomy (stars) (proper motion of), Astronomy (stars) (revolving), Astronomy (sunrise) , Astronomy (sunset) , Azar, Baal, Badr, Bakkah (first masjid) , Beasts, Bedouin, Bees, Behaviour (argue in a kindly manner with those given earlier revelation) , Behaviour (avoid becoming involved in matters you know nothing of) , Behaviour (avoid grave sins and shameful deeds) , Behaviour (avoid guesswork about one another) , Behaviour (be just in your opinions) , Behaviour (community should be moderate) , Behaviour (conceit discouraged) , Behaviour (don’t chide those who seek your help) , Behaviour (don’t consider yourself pure) , Behaviour (don’t deride others) , Behaviour (don’t mention evil things openly) , Behaviour (don’t speak ill of each other) , Behaviour (don’t spy on each other) , Behaviour (each group given a law and way of life) , Behaviour (each group given a law and way of life) (and a prophet), Behaviour (each group given a law and way of life) (and a way of worship), Behaviour (each group given a law and way of life) (God could have made them one community), Behaviour (each group given a law and way of life) (one community under God), Behaviour (forgive non-believers) , Behaviour (forgive readily) , Behaviour (maligning believers is sinful) , Behaviour (men (toward women)) , Behaviour (peacemakers rewarded) , Behaviour (rulers make decisions after consultations) , Behaviour (speak justly toward those in want--- if you can do nothing else) , Behaviour (towards ageing parents in your care) , Behaviour (towards other Muslims) , Behaviour (towards others) , Behaviour (towards parents) , Behaviour (towards slaves) , Behaviour (treat non-belligerent non-believers with equity) , Behaviour (wives of the Prophet) , Behaviour (women (toward men)) , Belief (in all revelations) , Belief (nature of) , Believers, Bible, Bible (distortion of) , Biology (living things made of water) , Birds, Borders (jurisdictional boundaries), Botany, Botany (two sexes to every plant) , Booty, Booty (enjoy that which is lawful and good) , Booty (must not benefit those already rich) , Booty (one fifth goes for charity) , Builders, Burial (indirect reference to) , Business (be fair in dealings) , Byzantines, Cain and Abel, Calendar (lunar) , Calendar (lunar) (correctness of), Calendar (lunar) (disbelievers tamper with annual intercalation), Canaan, Cattle, Captives, Charity, Charity (during consultation with the Prophet) , Charity (during the Hajj) , Charity (niggardliness) , Charity (not payment for favours received) , Charity (precedence of spending) , Charity (sharing food) , Charity (spending to earn praise forbidden) , Charity (those displeased with distribution of) , Charity (towards slaves) , Chastity, Children, Children (adopted ones should be named after their fathers) , Children (baby daughters wrongly thought an evil sign) , Children (breast feed for two years) , Children (do not kill for fear of poverty) , Children (female offspring buried alive will ask for what crime she’d been slain) , Children (gift of female offspring) , Children (gift of male offspring) , Children (ignorant at time of birth) , Children (in Heaven) , Children (of Adam) , Children (of Israel) , Children (of Israel) (commandment concerning killing by), Children (pre-Islamic customs of slaying children) , Children (wet nurses) , Christians, Christians (asked not to deify Jesus) , Christians (come closest to feeling affection to Muslims) , Christians (most have forgotten what they have been told to bear in mind) , Christians (now comes to you a messenger) , Christians (righteous will be rewarded) , Christians (say Jesus is God’s son) , Churches, Clothing, Clothing (of fire) , Clothing (the veil or women’s clothing in non-household situations) , Clothing (women’s outer garments prevent harassment by hypocrites) , Commandments (general religious) , Commandments (kindness towards others) , Commandments (leave company of those in the act of mocking God’s law) , Communications (overhearing the Host on high) , Contract Law (contract must be in writing) , Contract Law (during journey a person’s word is acceptable) , Contract Law (when things go wrong don’t punish scribe or witness) , Contract Law (witnesses told to be truthful) , Contract Law (witnessing (two men--- or one man and two women)) , Corruption, Cosmology (age of the Universe) , Cosmology (expanding Universe) , Cosmology (The Big Bang) , Covenants, Covenants (breaking of (see also Oaths)) , Covenants (with disbelievers) , Covenants (breaking of) , Creation of everything (in opposite duality) , Creatures, Crystal, Customs, Danger (be prepared for) , Date palms, Dates, David, David (and Goliath) , David (given the Psalms) , Death, Death (and flight from battle) , Death (in God’s cause) , Death (those communities who have no revelation will not be destroyed) , Death (those slain in God’s cause are alive) , Death (while fleeing evil towards God) , Deities (none besides God) , Disbelievers, Disbelievers (ask Muhammad to invoke God’s wrath upon them as proof) , Disbelievers (bear their company in kindness) , Disbelievers (bear what they say in patience) , Disbelievers (covenants with) , Disbelievers (covenants with) (breaking of), Disbelievers (God’s promise to) , Disbelievers (God brings their scheming to nought) , Disbelievers (leave company of those in the act of mocking God’s law) , Disbelievers (protect them if they ask you to) , Disbelievers (punishment) (during war), Disbelievers (punishment) (in the hereafter), Disbelievers (relationship to belivers) , Disbelievers (should not visit or take care of mosques) , Disbelievers (speak kindly to them) , Disbelievers (striving hard against) , Disbelievers (treat non-belligerents with equity) , Disbelievers (will only ally with other disbelievers) , Disciples (of Jesus), Divers, Diversity (of humans) , Diversity (of life) , Divorce, Divorce (after waiting period--- dissolve or reconcile) , Divorce (after waiting period) , Divorce (after waiting period) (two witnesses), Divorce (alimony) , Divorce (alimony) (extends to ex-husband’s heir), Divorce (can be revoked twice) , Divorce (dowry status) , Divorce (find wet-nurse if necessary) , Divorce (Man) (divorce one woman for another - don’t take back what you gave first), Divorce (Man) (don’t harass wife), Divorce (Man) (don’t hold wives against their will), Divorce (Man) (four months to change his mind), Divorce (Man) (during her pregnancy), Divorce (Man) (during her waiting period), Divorce (Man) (if she’s nursing your child), Divorce (mother shouldn’t suffer because of her fatherless child) , Divorce (pre-Islamic) , Divorce (pre-Islamic) (fast for 2 consecutive months), Divorce (pre-Islamic) (feed 60 needy people), Divorce (pre-Islamic) (free a slave), Divorce (reconciliation attempt) , Divorce (sinless if marriage unconsummated) , Divorce (sinless if marriage unconsummated) (bride entitled to half of the dowry), Divorce (Woman) (after third divorce (this one from another husband) can return to original husband), Divorce (Woman) (entitled to maintenance), Divorce (Woman) , Divorce (Woman) (fear ill treatment by husband), Divorce (Woman) (may keep what her husband gave her), Divorce (Woman) (not to be expelled from their homes), Divorce (Woman) (three menstruation wait to disprove pregnancy), Divorce (Woman) (three month wait for those free of menstruation), Divorce (Woman) (unless marriage unconsummated), Dogs, Donkeys, Earth, Earth (changed into another earth) , Earth (condition of at the time of resurrection) , Earth (creation and recreation of) , Earth (creation of) , Earth (creation of) (in six days), Earth (creation of) (in two days), Earth (creation of) (the rest in the other four), Earth (inclination of rotational axis to orbital plane) , Earth (rotation of) , Earthquake, Elephant, Elijah, Elisha, Embryology, Evolution, Ezra, Family, Fasting, Fasting (during the Hajj) , Fasting (during Ramadhan) , Fasting (exemptions) , Fasting (hours of) , Fig, Fighting, Fighting (aggression) (forbidden), Fighting (aggression) (sin of), Fighting (be brave) , Fighting (between two groups of believers) , Fighting (do not aquire slaves except through war) , Fighting (do not beg for peace) , Fighting (exemptions) , Fighting (exemptions) (asking for it for wrong reasons), Fighting (exemptions) (for helpless), Fighting (exemptions) (for ill), Fighting (forbidden during the four sacred months) , Fighting (forbidden during the four sacred months) (unless attacked), Fighting (free slaves after fighting ends) , Fighting (go forth humbly) , Fighting (in God’s cause) , Fighting (not for material gain) , Fighting (prepare well) , Fighting (repentence of recent belligerents) , Fighting (when ordained) , Fire, Food, Food (blessing of) , Food (forbidden) , Food (lawful) , Forgetting, Friends, Friends (avoid active disbelievers) , Friends (leave company of those in the act of mocking God’s law) , Friends (forbidden are those who fight against you because of your religion) , Future (learning of it through divination forbidden) , Gabriel, Games of Chance (forbidden) , Geographic locations and History (As Safa and Al Marwah) , Geographic locations and History (first temple at Bakkah) , Goddesses of the pagan Arabs, Goddesses of the pagan Arabs (names of) , Goddesses of the pagan Arabs (nature of) , gods of pre-Islamic Arabs by name, Gog and Magog, Gold, Golden armlets, Golden Calf, Golden Calf (and thunderbolt of punishment) , Golden Calf (forgiven after destruction of) , Goliath, Goliath (and David) , Gospel, Government (decision making in public matters) , Government (rulers make decisions after consultations) , Grain, Grave, Greetings, Guardianship (proper conduct of) , Guardianship (punishment for bad ones) , Guardianship (when to end it) , Guardianship (witnesses required to end it) , Hagar (and Ishmael) , Hajj, Hajj (abstention from quarreling during) , Hajj (duty to visit Makkah) , Hajj (exemption from) , Hajj (fasting during) , Hajj (hunting forbidden) , Hajj (hunting forbidden) (aquatic game approved during), Hajj (hunting forbidden) (violate it once? Don’t do it twice!), Hajj (hunting forbidden) (reparations for doing it once), Hajj (rules) , Hajj (sacrifice during) , Haman, Harut and Marut, Health rules, Health rules (children) (breast feed for two years), Health rules (food) , Health rules (food) (caught by your hunting animals), Health rules (menstruation) , Hearing, Heaven, Heaven (filled with mighty guards and flames) , Heaven (immortal youths in) , Heaven (parents united with offspring) , Heaven (pure spouses in) , Heaven (several) , Heaven (virgin mates of modest gaze) , Hell, Hell (burning despair and ice cold darkness in) , Hell (chain of 70 cubits) , Hell (inmates will neither die nor remain alive) , History (study it) , Homosexuality, Honey, Horses, Housing, Hud, Humankind, Humankind (born with a restless disposition) , Humankind (created in fine form) , Humankind (created in pairs) , Humankind (creation of) , Humankind (creation of) (from a drop of sperm), Humankind (creation of) (from clay), Humankind (creation of) (with water), Humankind (creation of) (from dark transmuted slime), Humankind (creation of) (from dust), Humankind (creation of) (from earth), Humankind (creation of) (from seminal fluid), Humankind (creation of) (from male and female), Humankind (diversity in) , Humankind (given free will) , Humankind (grows gradually from the earth) , Humankind (insignificant compared to the Universe) , Humankind (mates of your own kind) , Humankind (selfishness ever present in soul) , Humankind (vilest are those who don’t use reason) , Hunayn, Hunting (about animals trained to hunt) , Hur al-Ayn, Hydrology, Hydrology (scum) , Hypocrites, Hypocrites (praying for them does no good) , Iblis, Idolatry (forbidden) , Idris, Immorality (punish both) , Immorality (punish both) (repentance cancels punishment), Immorality (punish both) (deathbed repentance excluded), Immorality (women) , Immorality (women) (four witnesses required in order to convict), Imposters (religious) , Imposters (punishment for) , Imran--- House of, Insha-Allah (God willing), Inheritance, Inheritance (apportionment to) (children and parents), Inheritance (apportionment to) (other kin--- orphans--- and the needy), Inheritance (apportionment to) (siblings), Inheritance (apportionment to) (widows and widowers), Inheritance (don’t hold unloved wives for) , Inheritance (for men) , Inheritance (for women) , Inheritance (summary) , Intoxicants, Intoxicants (don’t pray while drunk) , Intoxicants (forbidden except in dire circumstances) , Iram, Iron, Isaac, Ishmael, Ishmael (and Hagar) , Jacob, Jesus, Jesus (bears witness on Resurrection Day) , Jesus (Christians asked not to deify) , Jesus (creation of) , Jesus (disciples) , Jesus (divergent views about) , Jesus (followers above others on Resurrection day) , Jesus (healing of blind and lepers--- raising the dead) , Jesus (his holy inspiration) , Jesus (his nature is as Adam’s) , Jesus (is the means to know Judgement Day (alternate translation)) , Jesus (Jews boast of killing) , Jesus (not God) , Jesus (only a messenger) , Jesus (only seemed slain and crucified) , Jesus (resurrected) , Jesus (resurrection foretold) , Jesus (truth about him will be realised when people die) , Jews, Jews (and Christians) , Jews (and Christians) (messenger comes to them), Jews (and Christians) (enmity and hatred among them), Jews (and Christians) (fights between), Jews (and Christians) (food restrictions), Jews (and Christians) (have no rights to claim God’s bounty exclusively), Jews (and Christians) (heaven not only for them), Jews (and Christians) (say they are God’s Children), Jews (believe in but few things) , Jews (claim that they alone are close to God) , Jews (denied good things of life) , Jews (denied good things of life) (reasons for), Jews (foods which are forbidden for) , Jews (good deeds of ancestors don’t count) , Jews (hurting themselves by their misinterpretations) , Jews (mistaken to believe in their own revelations only) , Jews (most have forgotten what they’ve been told to bear in mind) , Jews (most hostile to Muslims) , Jews (ransoming each other during the Prophet’s life) , Jews (religious commandments) , Jews (retribution given in the Torah) , Jews (righteous will be rewarded) , Jews (say Ezra is God’s Son) , Jews (slaying prophets) , Jews (some distort meanings of all revelations) , Jews (some distort meanings of all revelations) (forgive them), Jews (warning to) , Jihad, Jihad (non-believing parents trying to persuade a believer to polytheism) , Jihad (striving hard against disbelievers) , Jihad (striving hard in God’s cause) , Jinn, Jinn (created of fire) , Job, John the Baptist, Jonah, Joseph, Joseph (attempted seduction of) , Joseph (sold to an Egyptian) , Judgement, Judgement (be just) , Judgement (be just) (don’t let hate lead judgement astray), Judgement (Day) , Judgement (Day) (messengers called together), Judgement (Day) (are disbelievers really ready for), Judgement (Day) (repentance then is too late), Judgement (Day) (childrens’ hair turns grey), Judgement (Day) (and mountains lifted and crushed), Judgement (Day) (levelled), Judgement (Day) (riven asunder), Judgement (Day) (severely shaken), Judgement (Day) (will be convulsed and become like a moving sand-dune), Judgement (Day) (flash of fire followed by smoke), Judgement (Day) (moon split asunder), Judgement (Day) (like tufts of wool), Judgement (Day) (scattered like dust), Judgement (Day) (shattered), Judgement (Day) (vanish), Judgement (Day) (will move), Judgement (Day) (seas will burst beyond their bounds), Judgement (Day) (and clouds will burst apart), Judgement (Day) (flung open), Judgement (Day) (like molten lead), Judgement (Day) (red like burning oil), Judgement (Day) (rent asunder), Judgement (Day) (will be rolled up), Judgement (Day) (will bring forth a pall of smoke), Judgement (Day) (effaced), Judgement (Day) (scattered), Judgement (Day) (those close to God), Judgement (Day) (those evil), Judgement (Day) (those righteous), Judgement (use reason) , Judgement (verify reports and rumours) , Ka’bah, Ka’bah (creation of) , Ka’bah (enter it with shaved heads or short hair) , Killing, Killing (another believer inconceivable unless by mistake) , Killing (another believer inconceivable unless by mistake) (reparations for), Killing (deliberate killing of believer and punishment) , Killing (don’t) , Killing (don’t harm those offering peace) , Killing (female children buried alive will ask for what crime she’d been killed) , Killing (hypocrites will be slain in Medina during the War of the Confederates) , Killing (not for material gain) , Killing (only during hostilities in progress) , Killing (oppression more awesome than) , Killing (punishment for murder and spreading corruption on Earth) , Killing (retribution) , Knowledge, Knowledge (literacy) , Knowledge (obligation upon man to obtain and impart) , Knowledge (study nature to acquire) , Knowledge (travel to learn) , Kufr, Language (diversity in) , Laws given by God and the Prophet, Life (attraction of worldly) , Life (creatures consist mainly of water (See Biology)) , Life (diversity) , Life (extra-terrestrial) , Life (is sacred) , Life (good things made lawful) , Life (path toward contentment made easy) , Literacy, Livestock, Locusts, Lot, Lote tree, Luqman, Madyan, Magians, Manna, Marriage, Marriage (adultery) , Marriage (adultery) (evidence required (four witnesses)), Marriage (adultery) (false accusers punishment), Marriage (adultery) (forbidden), Marriage (adultery) (if there aren’t four witnesses), Marriage (adultery) (marriage after), Marriage (adultery) (punishment for), Marriage (appoint arbiter from among you when fearing a breach) , Marriage (complaints) , Marriage (don’t hold wives against their will) , Marriage (dowry) , Marriage (dowry) (other mutually agreed arrangements), Marriage (dowry) (woman may return it), Marriage (forbidden) , Marriage (forbidden) (to certain kin), Marriage (forbidden) (to non-believers), Marriage (fornication forbidden) , Marriage (if unable) , Marriage (if woman fears mistreatment from her husband) , Marriage (love and tenderness) , Marriage (polygamy) , Marriage (polygamy) (restrictions about), Marriage (polygamy) (warning against), Marriage (recline with spouses in Paradise) , Marriage (spouses are raiment for each other) , Marriage (to adopted son’s ex-wife is permitted) , Marriage (to orphans) , Marriage (to single woman only) , Marriage (to slave) , Marriage (to slave) (and among slaves), Marriage (to slave) (woman if need arises), Marriage (to slave) (better if men don’t marry), Marriage (to slave) (even if she’s married before being captured), Marriage (to slave) (punishment only half of free women’s if immoral), Marriage (to unmarried only) , Mary, Mary (not a deity) , Materialism, Materialism (and the Prophet’s wives) , Materialism (envy forbidden) , Materialism (forbidden) , Materialism (greed brings destruction) , Materialism (punishment for) , Materialism (ruining others forbidden) , Makkah, Makkah (duty to visit Makkah for the Hajj) , Makkah (turn and pray toward) , Makkah (valley of) , Medinah, Menstruation, Metallurgy, Metallurgy (iron) , Metallurgy (molten copper) , Metallurgy (slag) , Milk, Mineralogy, Mockery (leave company of those in the act of mocking God’s law) , Monastic asceticism (some types criticised) , Monks (some devour people’s possessions) , Monks (some turn people away from God) , Monks (taken as lords by some people) , Months (four sacred) , Months (four sacred) (fighting forbidden during), Months (four sacred) (unless attacked), Months (twelve (lunar) in a year) , Moses, Moses (bringing forth water from the rock) , Moses (commands to his people) , Moses (duel by sorcery with Pharaoh’s magicians) , Moses (forty nights upon Mt. Sinai) , Moses (House of) , Moses (parting of the Red Sea) , Moses (plagues) , Mosque (disbelievers should not visit or take care of) , Mosque (rival one in Quba is forbidden) , Mountains, Muhammad, Muhammad (admonished) , Muhammad (as judge for followers) , Muhammad (dares not alter the Qur'an nor act contrarily) , Muhammad (divorce) , Muhammad (exemptions from regular marriage laws) , Muhammad (like of a pretty woman) , Muhammad (marriage) , Muhammad (marriage) (kinship allowances in), Muhammad (marriage) (restrictions), Muhammad (mystical ascension) , Muhammad (not a madman) , Muhammad (only a prophet) , Muhammad (prayed for non-believing Uncle (enjoined not to)) , Muhammad (reacted against something lawful) , Muhammad (seal of the prophets) , Muhammad (summons from) , Muhammad (taking leave of) , Muhammad (unlettered prophet) , Muhammad (widowed wives not allowed to remarry) , Mules, Native peoples (don’t drive them out) , Native peoples (don’t drive them out) (reject those who do), Native peoples (driven out of their homelands) , Necessity (dire circumstances may repeal ordinances forbidding something) , Nepotism disallowed, Night, Noah, Noah (ark) , Noah (ark) (came to rest on Mt. Judi), Noah (flood) , Nuclear physics (things smaller than an atom (originally meant as ant?)) , Oaths, Oaths (atonement for broken ones) , Oaths (atonement for broken ones) (feeding or clothing 10 freeing a slave fasting for 3 days), Old Testament (followers of) , Olive, Olive trees, Oppression, Oppression (blame is on oppressors) , Oppression (defend against) , Oppression (more awesome than killing) , Orphans, Orphans (leave their possessions) , Patriarchy, Pearls, Pen, Persecuted (people) , Persecuted (people) (protect them unless they under a regime with whom you have a covenant), Persecuted (those who are protectors of) , Persecutors, Pharaoh, Pharaoh (punishment of) , Pharaoh (torture by and deliverance from) , Piety, Pollution, Poets, Pomegranates, Prayer, Prayer (beautify (adorn) yourselves for) , Prayer (content) , Prayer (day of congregation (Friday)) , Prayer (for the right reasons) , Prayer (of Abraham) , Prayer (of Joseph) , Prayer (of Moses) , Prayer (of Noah) , Prayer (of Solomon) , Prayer (of Zachariah) , Prayer (not while drunk) , Prayer (prostration) , Prayer (restrains one from loathesome deeds) , Prayer (sacred duty linked to time of day) , Prayer (standing) , Prayer (style of) , Prayer (times of day of) , Prayer (while in danger) , Pregnancy, Privacy, Privacy (nakedness at mid-day) , Privacy (Prophet’s household) , Privacy (sharing food) , Prophet (accept him who confirms earlier revelation) , Prophet (charity during consultation with) , Prophet (don’t raise your voice above) , Prophet (has come to you) , Prophet (has highest claim on allegiance of believers) , Prophet (keeps awake 2/3 1/2 or 1/3 of the night praying) , Prophet (miracles only by God’s leave) , Prophet (only mortal human) , Prophet (people who are false prophets are wicked) , Prophet (prophecy in language of target population) , Prophet (purpose of) , Prophet (some not mentioned) , Prophet (some superior) , Prophet (those who came before had wives and children) , Prophet (wives) , Prophet (wives) (rewards and punishments), Prophet (wives) (will be let go if they desire), Psalms, Psalms (given to David) , Qarun, Quail, Qur’an, Qur'an, Qur’an (bestowed on a blessed night) , Qur’an (clear ordinances) , Qur’an (completion of) , Qur’an (conveyed clearly) , Qur’an (distortion of) , Qur’an (divine nature of) , Qur’an (don’t approach it in haste) , Qur’an (easy to understand) , Qur’an (full of wisdom) , Qur’an (guidance to humans) , Qur’an (invisible barrier during recitation) , Qur’an (is not Muhammed’s sayings) , Qur’an (not from a satanic force) , Qur’an (not poetry) , Qur’an (recite as much as you may do with ease) , Qur’an (revealed in Arabic) , Qur’an (sent forth in waves (gradually)) , Qur’an (some verses direct some allegorical) , Qur’an (source of health) , Qur’an (upon an imperishable tablet) , Quraysh, Rabbis (some) , Rabbis (some) (devour people’s possessions), Rabbis (some) (taken as lords), Rabbis (some) (turn people away from God), Ramadhan, Record of personal deeds, Red Sea (parting of) , Refugees, Religion, Religion (divergence of opinion) , Religion (draws together former enemies) , Religion (false ideas upon things allowed and forbidden) , Religion (falsely follow other people’s conjectures) , Religion (falsely guided by ancestral concept of) , Religion (is not play and transient delight) , Religion (is self surrender to God) , Religion (no coercion in matters of faith) , Religion (no hardship in) , Religion (same as it was for the ones before you) , Religion (try and penetrate deepest meaning of) , Religion (use reason in) , Religion (wickedness of attributing one’s own lying inventions to God) , Religious (sects) , Religious (should stay together) , Resurrection, Resurrection (Day) , Resurrection (followers of Jesus above non-believers) , Resurrection (of humans) , Resurrection (moon is darkened) , Resurrection (of soul) , Resurrection (sun and moon brought together (solar eclipse or solar expansion?)) , Revelation, Revelation (every age has had its own) , Revelation (from behind a veil) , Revelation (mentioning war) , Revelation (nature of delivery) , Ruby, Sabbath, Sabbath (breakers) , Sabians, Sabians (righteous will be rewarded) , Sacrifice, Salih, Samaritan, Saul, Sea, Sea (darkness in the depths of) , Sexual Relations, Sexes (created from one living entity (soul)) , Sexes (each entitled to own earnings) , Sexes (equality of) , Sexes (equality of) (in divorce), Sexes (guides for one another) , Sexes (men provide for women) , Sheba, Ships, Shu’ayb, Sight, Silk, Silver, Sin, Sin (avoiding) , Sin (blaming another) , Sinai Mt., Skin, Sky, Sky (still smoke) , Slaves, Slaves (aquisition only though war) , Slaves (don’t force female slaves into prostitution) , Slaves (freeing) , Slaves (freeing) (after war is over), Slaves (freeing) (as penance for a broken oath), Slaves (freeing) (as penance for death of believer fighting against you), Slaves (freeing) (charity is for freeing (among other things)), Slaves (freeing) (is the act of a truly pious person), Slaves (freeing) (those who ask you to who have any good in them), Solomon, Solomon (and the Queen of Sheba) , Solomon (discovery of the death of) , Sorcery (is evil) , Spider, Spouses (a time when they are evil for you), Stealing (cutting off hands as punishment) , Stealing (cutting off hands as punishment) (forgiveness for (before discovery)), Stealing (is wrong even through the judiciary) , Swine, Synagogues, Tabak (God’s mercy towards those on expedition to) , Ten Commandments, Thamud, Thamud (rock dwellings) , Thamud (she camel) , Thamud (she camel) (killing of), Thamud (she camel) (punishment for), Time, Torah, Torah (retribution in (also adopted by Muslims)) , Torah (retribution in (also adopted by Muslims)) (forgoing it will be better), Treachery, Tree (at Hudaybiyyah) , Tree (of hell) , Trees, Trinity (God is not a) , Tubba, Twelve tribes, Twelve tribes (scattering of) , Two Horned One, Uhud (battle of) , Usury, Usury (delay repayment (forgiving debt is better)) , Usury (forbidden) , Usury (forgive debt) , Usury (Jews took it even though forbidden to) , Water, Water (two great bodies of) , Weather (clouds) , Weather (clouds) (and their patterns), Weather (hail) , Weather (lifting) , Weather (lightning) , Weather (lightning) (striking people), Weather (rain) , Weather (rain) (and fighting), Weather (storms) , Weather (thunder) , Weather (wind) , Weather (wind) (to pollinate), Widows (provisions for one year) , Widows (provisions for one year) (year in husband’s home), Widows (wait four months and ten days before remarriage) , Widows (wait four months and ten days before remarriage) (ok to plan remarriage during waiting period), Wills, Wills (amending forbidden) , Wills (two witnesses when you declare it) , Wills (two witnesses when you declare it) (if those two should falter), Wine, Wools, Women (accept those seeking refuge from non-believing husbands) , Women (gross moral depravity) , Women (gross moral depravity) (punishment for), Women (gross moral depravity) (repentance), Women (ill willed) , Women (ill willed) (punishment for), Women (lack of outer garments for older) , Women (pledges of believing women) , Women (righteous guard intimacies revealed to them) , Women (term (time) of pregnancy (see Pregnancy)) , Zachariah,