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All praise and thanks belongs to Allah, the Creator of all that exists, and may His peace and salutations be upon His last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.

We aim to create a central repository of the best available data relating to every Ayat and Surah of the Qur'an. We seek to build on the understanding and reflections mentioned by the scholars of the past, open it up to the world of today and establish a solid foundation for the Believers of tomorrow.

It has taken a number of years to get to this stage and in reality we are far from completing this project. In fact, this is just the beginning. We hope to create the correct framework for this process to begin and then allow the project to take its course, by the permission of Allah. Qur'an Wiki was created to simplify and enhance the understanding of the Qur'an and provide a global platform, unifying our intellectual efforts.

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Qur'an Wiki
Friday 17th Jummada al-Awwal 1439 A.H. (2nd Feb 2018)

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Qur'an Wiki?
Qur'an Wiki aims to serve as a central repository of the best data available relating to every Ayat and Surah of the Qur'an. It is a global effort to enhance our understanding of Divine Speech. We are building on the gems mentioned by the scholars of the past, opening it up to the world of today and establishing a solid foundation for the Ummah of tomorrow.

Who is behind Qur'an Wiki?
Qur'an Wiki is run by volunteers based in the UK and has been conceptually approved by The Qur'an Project. We believe in the Qur'an and the Sunnah. The volunteers are made of people from the various Fiqh schools of thought. The focus of the project is not on the issues that divide us. Rather, it is a project by the Ummah for the Ummah. The principle aim of Q-Wiki is to simplify and enhance the understanding of the Ayat of the Qur'an.

How did Qur'an Wiki begin?
Many books of Tafsir can be quite challenging for the non-Arabic speaking Muslim. Often many beginners who are unfamiliar with the principles of Tafseer, are left bewildered and confused at the breadth of sayings from different people explaining the Ayat. Qur'an Wiki was created to simplify and enhance the understanding of the Qur'an and create a global platform unifiying our intellectual efforts. This project is a Sadaqah Jariyah and our reward is with Allah.

How is Qur'an Wiki funded?
It is completely run by the donations of a few donors. Qur'an Wiki has no connections, nor does it take any money whatsoever, from any governments, banks, or other parties with vested interests. Qur'an Wiki maintains a position of neutrality.

Is there any connection to Wikipedia?
No, there is no connection to Wikipedia, nor do we use the wiki engine.

Is the content approved before it is allowed into Qur'an Wiki?
Yes, nothing goes live into Q-Wiki without being approved first.

Who are the Approvers?
The Approvers are Muslims who have been selected or recommended to oversee and approve the entries. Generally, the Approvers have been grouped into the following areas:
  • Historical
  • Linguistic
  • Tafseer
  • Hadith
  • Fiqh
  • Variant Readings
  • Spelling/Grammar
  • Social / Political
What are the guidelines that the Approvers follow?
For a new edit to be approved, the new entry must:
  • Improve the grammar/wording of the existing text
  • Enhance understanding of the Ayat
  • Must be factually correct
  • Must not contradict the Qur'an and Sunnah
  • Not espouse unnecessary differences of opinion.
What will the Approver do with regards to differences of opinion?
The Approver has a position of neutrality and may not necessarily agree with the entries. This is not a place of 'personal space' - limited to a single scholar or school of thought, religiously or politically. The Approver's role is to merely oversee the entries - much like entries into a dictionary.

How can I become an Approver or recommend someone?
Contact us with information of the person. A letter of recommendation will be required by someone who knows the Approver whom we can contact and liaise with. A verification process is mandatory.

What are your data sources?
Arabic Tafsir Data - furqan.co
Arabic Dictionaries - ejtaal.net
Qur'an Dictionary [word occurances] - corpus.quran.com

"Getting the best out of Qur'an Wiki" Video tutorial covering key features of the site and how to best use the data in a consolidated form.