Tafsir Zone - Surah 62: al-Jumu`ah (Friday)

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Surah al-Jumu`ah 62:0


 (verse 1 )

All that is in the heavens and all that is on earth extol the limitless glory of God the Sovereign, the Holy, the Almighty. the Wise. (Verse 1)

The surah starts with a statement confirming the fact that everything in the heavens and earth extols God's glory, adding a number of His attributes that have a subtle bearing on the theme of the viral). The surah is given the name al-Jumah, meaning Friday, and it gives instructions about the special congregational prayer on that day, identifying that its time should be dedicated to remembrance of God. All distractions and business should be abandoned in pursuit of what is with God, which is better than everything else. Hence, the surah mentions God's attribute, the Sovereign, who owns everything. This is relevant to business, since all trade normally seeks profit. The siirah also states that God is Holy; He who is revered and glorified by all creatures in the universe. This attribute of God's contrasts with the entertainment mortals seek, distracting them from His remembrance. This opening verse also mentions that God is Almighty, which is relevant to the invitation made to the Jews for mutual prayer, and also to the death that is bound to happen to all. The last of God's attributes mentioned in this opening is His wisdom. Such divine wisdom determined the choice of the unlettered people from among whom God's last Messenger was selected to declare to them God's revelations, purify them and teach them the scriptures and wisdom.