Summary of Juz 27

Ayat: Adh-Dhariyat 31 - al-Hadid 29

Ayat: Adh-Dhariyat 31 - al-Hadid 29

Surah Tur speaks about the mission of Prophet Muhammad (saw). He came to warn people about the consequences of their denial of faith and deeds of injustice and indecency. Those who are in doubt of his message let them produce a similar message. Let them also produce any proofs supporting their wrong beliefs.

Surah an Najm talks about the eminence of the Prophet (saw) with his Mi'raj and closeness to Allah.  It warns the disbelievers about the errors of their attitude towards the Qur'an and the Prophet of Allah. Some of their wrong beliefs in the angels as daughters of God, intercession of the angels etc. are also mentioned.

Surah al-Qamar talks about the approaching Day of Judgment. It describes some of the scenes of that Day.  It also tells us that Allah's judgment may come here and now. There are references to the flood that came at the time of Prophet Noah, the punishment of the people of 'Ad, Thamud, People of Prophet Lot, the Pharaoh and his people. It ends with the good news for the Believers who will be near their Lord in the gardens of bliss.

Surah ar-Rahman clearly indicates that Prophet Muhammad is Allah’s Prophet and Messenger for both human beings as well as Jinns. Allah's many blessings and favours are mentioned in this Surah. Human beings and Jinn are invited to remember these favours and not to deny Allah's blessings.

Surah al-Waqiah talks about the resurrection that will definitely take place. It is a fact undeniable. The human beings then will be in three different groups. The faithful are of two types: those who are the pioneers and are foremost in their faith and struggle in the path of Allah. They are a large number from amongst the earlier community and a small from among the later generations. Then the rest of the people are believers and those who oppose the faith. Allah's rewards are for the faithful and his anger and chastisement is waiting for the opponents of faith. The Surah then invites human beings to think about themselves and the things that they use daily and consider who created all these things. It talks about the Qur’an and its profound and consistent message and then finally reminds about death and the coming end of every being.

Surah al-Hadeed: All knowledge and authority belongs to God.  Have faith in Allah's power, make sacrifice and give charity for the cause of truth. Light and Life are for the Believers. The disbelievers walk in darkness. Warning to those who refuse to acknowledge Allah. Sincere in faith are those who are willing to sacrifice and help the poor and needy. The life of this world is temporary. Compete with each other in doing good things to receive the eternal reward from Allah. Prophets were sent to establish justice with authority.


  1. The fate of the people of Prophet Lot.  Prophet Moses and the fate of Pharaoh. People of 'Ad and Thamud and the people of Prophet Noah.
  2. Hasten to Allah. Do not associate anyone in the divinity of Allah. Remind, the reminding will help the Believers. The Judgment of Allah is near.
  3. Warnings about Allah's coming punishment for the disbelievers. Reward for the Believers.
  4. Questions to the disbelievers about their false beliefs. What are the evidences and proofs of these false beliefs? 
  5. The Mi'raj experience of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Gods or goddesses of the non-believers are mere conjectures and names without any reality.
  6. The angels are the servants of Allah. No intercession can work against Allah. Allah is most forgiving, but He requires righteousness.
  7. Those who deny the truth they are standing against the power and majesty of Allah.
  8. The Day of Judgment is near. References to Prophet Noah, and to the tribe of 'Ad,
  9. References to the Thamud tribe, Prophet Lot and his people.
  10. Pharaoh and his arrogance. The opponents in Makkah are told whether they think they are better or more powerful than those nations. The wrong doers did suffer the consequences of their evil deeds
  11. The various bounties of Allah.
  12. Everything is finite, but Allah is infinite. Everyone depends on Allah. The warnings to the guilty.
  13. The rewards for the righteous.
  14. The reality will come to pass. The humanity will be in three camps: people of the right hand, people of the left hand and the foremost in faith. The reward of the believers.
  15. The guilty and their punishment. Arguments about the Tawhid and Akhirah.
  16. The Qur’an and its consistent message. Reminder about death, divine judgment and the reward and punishment.

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Surahs ad-Dhariyat, at-Tur, an-Najm, al-Qamar, ar-Rahman, al-Waqi`ah, al-Hadid
Makki / MadaniMakki: 5
Madani: 2
Total Ayat399
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