Summary of Juz 25

Ayat: Fussilat 47 - al-Jathiya 37

Ayat: Fussilat 47 - al-Jathiya 37

Surah Shurah emphasizes that the message of the Qur'an is from Allah Who revealed similar messages to other Prophets and Messengers. The religion of Allah has been the same throughout history.  If Allah wanted He would have made all people into one Ummah, but He has given freedom to people to make their own choice by their free will. Allah will judge all people on the Day of Judgment. In the Surah it is also mentioned that the followers of this message are those who avoid major sins and who manage their affairs with mutual consultation.

Surah az-Zukhruf tells us that the revelation is a mercy from Allah. Allah chooses whosoever He wills to give His revelation. The worldly goods and riches do not necessarily mean that a person is best in the sight of Allah. The real value comes from following the truth and righteousness.

Surah al-Jathiyah warns those who deny the Divine truth. It talks about human arrogance and sinfulness. The judgment of Allah will cover all the people.  The nations will stand before him in the kneeling condition.            


  1. Allah revealed His message to His Prophets. The purpose of revelation is to warn people about the Day of Judgment. Had Allah willed, He would have forced all people into one Ummah, but the wrong-does will see the consequences of their deeds.
  2. The judgment is in the hand of Allah. He gave the same religion to all His Prophets. Muslims must invite people to Allah.
  3. Allah deals justly with all people. Allah accepts the repentance. Allah's mercy is manifest in the universe.
  4. Believers should avoid sins, be patient, work with each other in consultation and practice forgiveness.
  5. The Prophet guides to the right path, the path of Allah.
  6. This revelation is given to people in Arabic so that they may understand. The revelation is a mercy from Allah.
  7. Shirk and blind following of ancestors are major problems of non-believers.
  8. Allah chooses the Prophets and Messengers according to His wisdom. The worldly riches do not mean much in the sight of Allah.
  9. Those who forget Allah come under the influence of the Satan.
  10. Pharaoh's response to Prophet Moses. Allah's punishment came against Pharaoh and his people.
  11. Jesus' Message was also changed by some of his people.
  12. The Believers will succeed in the Hereafter.
  13. The Qur'an is the book of warning.
  14. The Day of Judgment is a certainty.
  15. Allah will punish the wrongdoers and He shall reward the righteous.
  16. Allah's signs are all over in the universe and in our own soul. Those who deny the revelation of God will see punishment of Allah.
  17. Follow the clear path of truth.
  18. Some people have made their desires their god. They also deny the Hereafter.
  19. People will stand before Allah on their knees. Their record of deeds will be presented to them.

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Surahs Fussilat, ash-Shura, az-Zukhruf, ad-Dukhan, al-Jathiyah
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