Summary of Juz 24

Ayat: Az-Zumar 32 - Fussilat 46

Ayat: Az-Zumar 32 - Fussilat 46

There are seven Surahs (al-Ghafir, Fussilat, ash-Shura, az-Zukhruf, ad-Dukhan, al-Jathiyah, al-Ahqaf) that begin with the word "HaMim". Thus these seven Surahs are also called "al-Hawamim".  All these are Makki Surahs and they were revealed one after another after the previous Surah al-Zumar, in the middle Makkan period before the Hijrah to Abyssinia.

These are Surahs of Da'wah, inviting people to believe in Allah, take advantage of the mercy of Allah.  There is solace and comfort in these Surahs for the Believers who were persecuted because of their faith and they are given the good news that the truth will prevail.


  1. Allah is sufficient for the Prophet. The rejecters will be abased.
  2. The futility of Shirk and its evil consequences.
  3. Allah's mercy is available for all.
  4. Ye ignorant people, do you invite me to worship someone other than Allah? The Judgment of Allah.
  6. The reward of Believers and the punishment of the unbelievers.
  7. The Qur'an is from Allah who is both Merciful and Severe in Punishment. Warnings to the non-believers and comfort to the believers.
  8. The failure of the disbelievers. The Day of Judgment belongs to Allah.
  9. A lesson from the history of Prophet Moses. Even the mighty Pharaoh and his army could not help him against the wrath of Allah.
  10. A Believer from the Pharaoh's people declared his faith. His conversation with his people.
  11. The false leaders will take their people to hell. 
  12. Allah helps the Prophets and their followers.
  13. The Glory of Allah. Allah has power over life and death.
  14. The fate of the un-believers will be bad.
  15. Take lessons from the past history. After the judgment comes, repentance makes no difference.
  16. Invitation to the truth of the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a book that explains everything.
  17. Allah created the heaven and earth.  Warnings to those who turn away from Allah.
  18. Those who deny Allah, their own body will witness against them.
  19. The disbelievers’ plan to suppress the message of the Qur'an will fail.  Allah gives strength to the Believers.
  20. The best people are those who invite to Allah. The effect of the revelation on the Believers. The signs of Allah.
  21. Allah gives time to people to repent. What good or evil you do is for and against your own selves. The truth will gradually succeed.

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Surahs az-Zumar, Ghafir, Fussilat
Makki / MadaniMakki: 3
Madani: 0
Total Ayat175
Total Words *3185
Root Words *730
Unique Root Words *3