Summary of Juz 20

Ayat: an-Naml 56 - al-Ankabut 45

Ayat: an-Naml 56 - al-Ankabut 45

Summary of Juz 20

Ayat: an-Naml 56 – al-Ankabut 45

The basic theme of Surah al-Qasas is Prophethood. Some aspects of the life of Prophet Moses are mentioned to show the similarity between him and Prophet Muhammad –peace be upon all the prophets of Allah. There are also answers here to the questions and doubts that were raised by some non-believers.

Surah al-Ankabut reminds the Believers to be strong in their faith and not to give up their faith because of hardship or family pressures. Stories of previous Prophets and their followers are also mentioned here to show that the path of truth is not an easy path. It has trials and hardships.


  1. The contrast between the Tawhid and shirk. Allah or the so-called gods of Shirk.
  2. The surety of Resurrection.
  3. The coming of the Day of Judgment.
  4. Story of Moses and Pharaoh is related.  Pharaoh was persecuting the Israelites. Allah wished to show his favour to the oppressed people.  Birth of Moses and then his growing up in Pharaoh's own palace.
  5. Moses' encounter with an Egyptian and his escape to Madyan.
  6. Moses' marriage in Madyan.
  7. Moses receives Prophethood and especial signs from Allah. His appearance before Pharaoh. Pharaoh's denial and then Allah's punishment for him and his armies.
  8. The Prophet relating these stories by inspiration from Allah and for a purpose.
  9. Allah's guidance is continues.
  10. The message of Islam is Tawhid.
  11. The story of Qarun: his character and his end.
  12. Allah's promise for the Believers.
  13. Tests and trials are part of faith.
  14. Examples of Prophets Noah and Ibrahim.
  15. Example of Prophet Lot.
  16. Example of Prophet Shu'aib. References to the people of 'Ad, Thamud, Qarun and Pharaoh.  Message of Prophet Moses. Spider web of Shirk.

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Surahs an-Naml, al-Qasas, al-`Ankabut
Makki / MadaniMakki: 3
Madani: 0
Total Ayat171
Total Words *3557
Root Words *810
Unique Root Words *12