Summary of Juz 18

Ayat: al-Muminun 1 - al-Furqan 20

Ayat: al-Muminun 1 - al-Furqan 20

In Surah al-Muminun, people are invited to accept and follow the Prophet. This is the central theme of the Surah.  It speaks about the character of true believers and assures that they will be the real successful people.  It draws attention to various stages of human creation, to many other universal signs.  Then it takes some of the stories of other prophets and tells us that they also preached the same message.

Surah an-Nur contains many rules for the development of a society based on righteousness and morality. It talks about male-female relations, rules of proper dress for Muslim women, rules for the punishment of adultery and punishment of those who accuse others of adultery or fornication.

Surah al-Furqan answers some of the objections of the non-believers against the Qur'an and the teachings of Islam.  It also presents the character of the Believers as criteria to prove the truth of Islam.


  1. The character of the Believers.  Various stages of human creation and Allah's signs in the universe.
  2. The Message of Prophet Noah, his people's response and then the flood.
  3. Generations were raised after Prophet Noah. Many prophets were sent among them. Then came Prophet Moses and Aaron and then came Jesus -peace be upon them all.
  4. All prophets are one Ummah and preached the same religion. Those who are affluent think that they are also the righteous people, but the righteous are only those who do the good deeds.
  5. Everything in the heaven and earth belongs to Allah.
  6. Prophet's job is to continue presenting the message of Allah. This life is the only chance. The life has a purpose.
  7. Punishment of adultery. Rules of testimony in the case of adultery.
  8. The false rumours against the mother of the Believers, Aisha (ra).
  9. Beware of those who slander pious chaste women.
  10. Rules about entering others homes, proper dress, help those who are single to get married.
  11. The light of Allah and the struggle between light and darkness.
  12. Everything in the heaven and earth glorifies Allah.
  13. Believers must obey Allah and His messenger. Allah's promise to the Believers to establish them in the land.
  14. Rules of privacy for men and women, at home and outside.
  15. Especial respect of the Prophet and Believers' duties towards him.
  16. Prophet Muhammad came as a Warner for the whole world. The evil of Shirk. The objections of those who denied the Prophet and his message.
  17. The Punishment of those who deny Allah and His message.


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Juz Overview

Surahs al-Mu'minun, an-Nur, al-Furqan
Makki / MadaniMakki: 2
Madani: 1
Total Ayat202
Total Words *3259
Root Words *830
Unique Root Words *7