Summary of Juz 17

Ayat: al-Anbiyaa 1 - al-Hajj 78

Ayat: al-Anbiyaa 1 - al-Hajj 78

The basic theme of Surah al-Anbiyaa is Prophets and Prophethood as indicated by the name itself.  All Prophets were human beings. They suffered at the hands of their enemies. Allah also tested them, but they always trusted Allah and lived according to His command. They were people of prayers and devotions and Allah listened to their prayers.

Surah Hajj reminds about the approaching end of the world, need for the firmness of faith to support the truth and to eradicate the evil.  It talks about prayers, humbleness and sacrifice, respect of the Ka'bah, the House of Allah, and striving to defend the truth.


  1. The Last Messenger has come. The judgment is coming closer. All prophets were human beings.
  2. Heaven and earth are created for a purpose. All Prophets preached Tawhid.
  3. Every thing is created for a term. The end will come suddenly.
  4. Allah cares for you day and night. Moses and Aaron received Allah's message and now this blessed reminder has come to you.
  5. Prophet Ibrahim argued against idolatry.
  6. Allah blessed His Prophets and delivered them.
  7. The righteous shall inherit the earth.
  8. The Shaking of the Last Hour. Arguments for the Resurrection from the stages of human creation and from the rain that produces vegetation.
  9. The marginal believers and their end.
  10. The true believers shall be rewarded.
  11. Pilgrimage to the House of Allah.
  12. Respect of the Symbols of Allah.
  13. The permission of fighting back is granted to those to whom wrong is done.
  14. Satan's enticements and Allah's especial protection of His words.
  15. The reward of those who migrate in the cause of Allah.
  16. Allah's order prevails in the heaven and earth.
  17. The Muslim community is chosen by Allah for a special purpose.

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Surahs al-Anbiya', al-Hajj
Makki / MadaniMakki: 1
Madani: 1
Total Ayat190
Total Words *2443
Root Words *629
Unique Root Words *25