Summary of Juz 15

Ayat: al-Isra 1 - al-Kahf 74

Ayat: al-Isra 1 - al-Kahf 74

Surah al-Isra concentrates on some important moral and spiritual principles.  It emphasizes that human beings always need divine guidance.  Without the guidance of Allah, humans end up in evil, sin and misery.  Human beings must have good relations with each other and live in a society built on the principles of faith, justice and morality.  The Surah talks about the evils of pride and arrogance and urges human beings to reflect on Allah's signs and be humble before Him in prayers.

Surah al-Kahf answers some questions that the Mushrikin (polytheists) of Makkah posed to the Prophet (saw). The answers came in a very clear way and also challenged them to accept the message of Islam. In this Surah we have the stories of: the People of the Cave, the man who had two gardens and was very proud of himself, Prophet Moses with Khidr, Dhul-Qarnain a pious ruler.  These stories are told to emphasize the value of faith, knowledge and patience, the relativity of time, and the variety in this world.


  1. Isra' journey of the Prophet to Jerusalem and the history of that area.
  2. Human beings are hasty.  Reward and punishment all have their time.
  3. Moral and spiritual principles are emphasized - Worship of Allah and respect of parents.
  4. Moral principles - children's rights, decency, right of life, orphans' property, honesty in dealings, humbleness.
  5. Tawhid is the basic message of the Qur'an.
  6. Gentleness is enjoined.
  7. Satan's pride against man and his pledge to mislead human beings.
  8. Every one will be brought on the Day of Judgement with his/her own deeds.
  9. Emphasis on prayers, and on the reading of the Qur'an.
  10. The Qur'an is inimitable.
  11. Non-believers have lame arguments against accepting the Prophets.
  12. The attitude of Pharaoh towards Prophet Moses and the signs that he showed. 
  13. The straight message of the Qur'an.
  14. The Companions of the Cave.
  15. The proof of resurrection.
  16. Always remember Allah.  Every thing depends on Allah’s will.
  17. The parable of an ungrateful person and a grateful person.
  18. Wealth and children are only a passing show.
  19. Satan and his progeny they are the open enemies of human beings.
  20. Allah's mercy is available all the time.
  21. Prophet Moses' search for a teacher.

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Surahs Al-Isra, al-Kahf
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