Summary of Juz 14

Ayat: al-Hijr 1 - an-Nahl 128

Ayat: al-Hijr 1 - an-Nahl 128

The name al-Hijr refers to the same area where Thamud used to live in the north-western part of Arabia. The main theme of the Surah is divine guidance, and people's response.  Allah's warns those who deny this message and as a reminder of these warnings, we have here the stories of Prophet Lot's people, Thamud and other groups.

Surah an-Nahl speaks about Allah's creative power.  Everything in the universe points to Allah.  There is coherence and balance in Allah's creation.


  1. Qur'an is the Books of Allah. He revealed it and He will guard it.
  2. Allah knows everything in the universe.  He is the Creator of all.
  3. The creation of the human being is from a very humble beginning, but Allah honoured him and asked the angels to bow down to Adam.  Satan's response.
  4. Allah is very forgiving, but His punishment is also severe.
  5. Prophet Lot and Prophet Shu'aib's people.
  6. The People of Hijr and what happened to them.  Qur'an and Surah al-Fatihah are special gifts of Allah.  Allah will take care of those who ridicule His message.
  7. The whole creation points to Allah.
  8. The truth is that there is only One God.
  9. The reward of the righteous and the disgrace of the wicked.
  10. Allah's message has come.  Man is a creature of Allah, but he argues a lot.
  11. Mushrikin (polytheists)'s argument and the answer
  12. Prophets were human beings.  The mission of the last Prophet.  Warnings to non-believers.
  13. Prohibition against shirk. Arabs used to call angels the daughters of Allah but they themselves did not like to have daughters.
  14. Allah gives time to people to repent and turn to him.
  15. Consider the bounties of Allah.  Some more signs mentioned.
  16. The comparison between the faithful and the unfaithful.
  17. Warnings about the Last Hour.  Allah's favours to humankind.
  18. Prophet Muhammad is a witness over all witnesses.
  19. Justice, benevolence, care of the kith and kin are Allah's commands.  He forbids shameful deeds, evil and aggression.
  20. Qur'an is sent by Allah; even the Prophet cannot make any changes in it.
  21. Every soul will be paid in full what it has earned. Halal and Haram are the authority of Allah.
  22. The ideal faith of Prophet Ibrahim.  The best way of giving da'wah.

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Surahs al-Hijr, an-Nahl
Makki / MadaniMakki: 2
Madani: 0
Total Ayat227
Total Words *2499
Root Words *575
Unique Root Words *14