Summary of Juz 13

Ayat: Yusuf 53 - Ibrahim 52

Ayat: Yusuf 53 - Ibrahim 52

The basic theme of Surah ar-Ra’d is divine guidance.  Allah has created this whole universe. He knows what is in the wombs and every thing is under His knowledge.  He sent His prophets and guides to all people for their guidance and now the Last Messenger has come

Surah Ibrahim speaks of Allah's guidance through His prophets.  The purpose of this guidance is to take the people from darkness to light.  Many people in the past had doubts about their prophets. They laughed at them and they threatened to kill them or expel them from their towns. However, the lasting word is the "good word." The Surah also mentions Prophet Ibrahim's prayer when he established the city of Makkah.


  1. The famine in Palestine brought Prophet Yusuf's brothers to Egypt.
  2. Prophet Yusuf meets his full brother
  3. Prophet Yusuf disclosed his identity to his brothers.
  4. Prophet Jacob's family comes to Egypt. Prophet Yusuf honours his parents and forgives his brothers.
  5. In the histories of the Prophets there are many lessons for us to learn and follow.
  6. Allah's signs in nature.
  7. Allah knows everything; the whole universe praises Him. Those who have eyes can see the truth. The truth has an abiding power.
  8. The faithful and unfaithful, their characters and their ends.
  9. The comfort of the hearts is in the remembrance of Allah. Those who deny Allah, no signs or miracles can help them.
  10. People in the past also denied Allah's Prophets and laughed at them, but what were their ends.
  11. Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. The witness is Allah and all those who have the knowledge of the Scriptures of Allah.
  12. The purpose of the Qur'an is to lead humankind to light.
  13. Prophets and their people.
  14. Non-believers threatened the Prophets, but Allah's promise to the Prophets.
  15. Satan misleads the disbelievers in this world, but in the hereafter he would leave them in the lurch.
  16. The ingratitude of people
  17. Prophet Ibrahim's prayer for Makkah, for its people and for his own children
  18. Allah is aware of what the wrongdoers are doing, their respite and end.

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17 unique root words that do not appear in any other Juzz *

Juz Overview

Surahs Yusuf, ar-Ra`d, Ibrahim
Makki / MadaniMakki: 2
Madani: 1
Total Ayat156
Total Words *3460
Root Words *832
Unique Root Words *17