Summary of Juz 6

Ayat: an-Nisa 148 - al-Ma’idah 81

Ayat: an-Nisa 148 - al-Ma’idah 81

Al-Maidah is the 5th Surah according to the arrangement of the Qur'an and 112th according to the order of revelation.  It was revealed in Madina soon after the Treaty of Hudaibiyah either towards the end of the 6th year or beginning of the 7th year (Hijrah. In this Surah there is a verse (5:3) that is believed to be the last verse revealed to the Prophet (saw).

Main points discussed in this Surah:

All obligations whether they are divine or human should be fulfilled. When we have a pledge or promise or sign a treaty we must abide by it. Also Allah gave some rules for life to keep us clean and sober.  Cleanliness of the body, living with justice, being upright and moral, avoiding sin, corruption and superstition, and doing the deeds of piety and righteousness are important rules and principles and must be observed.

Message to the People of the Book i.e. Christians and Jews to recognize the truth.  Allah's punishment comes on those who reject Allah's rules and knowingly violate them.

The story of the two children of Adam is told.  This story has many lessons. Sometime even your brothers become envious of you and they harm you.  Just and righteous persons sometimes suffer at the hands of their own family members, but God's judgment also comes. The righteous under no situation give up right attitude and behaviour.

Muslims must deal with justice with all people.  Justice should be impartial, even to their enemies they must be just.  However, relations among Muslims themselves should be deeper.  There should not be only justice but also love, brotherhood, care and concern for each other.


  1. Allah's punishment for those who broke their covenant with Him.  Some People of the Book tried to crucify Jesus, but Allah saved him.
  2. The message of Islam is the same as the message of previous Prophets.
  3. Invitation to the People of the Book to accept Islam and recognize the true teachings of Jesus. Some more elaboration on the law of Inheritance.
  4. Cleanliness for prayers, Command to abide by justice.
  5. Allah's covenant with the Children of Israel.
  6. Children of Israel broke the covenant of God.
  7. Musa warned the Children of Israel.
  8. Story of the two children of Adam, Punishment for the offenders.
  9. Allah's rules must be established.
  10. The relations of Muslims with their opponents.
  11. Those who make the mockery of the truth.
  12. How Christians deviated from the truth.

Unique Root Words to this Juz only

8 unique root words that do not appear in any other Juzz *

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Surahs al-Ma'idah
Makki / MadaniMakki: 0
Madani: 1
Total Ayat81
Total Words *2804
Root Words *431
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