Summary of Juz 5

Ayat: an-Nisa 24 - an-Nisa 147

Ayat: an-Nisa 24 - an-Nisa 147

Family relations in particular the relationship of husband and wife and how disputes should be resolved if they arise.  The command to obey Allah, His Messenger and those placed in authority over us and that any differences must be referred back to the Quran and Sunnah. Seeking a law besides the law of Allah for judgment is a trait of the hypocrites, indeed they do all they can to turn a person away from Allah’s law!

Practical legal guidance; shortening the prayer while on a journey; a description of prayer at the time of fear; marital law; how to deal with discord; the importance of justice; Detail of how the hypocrites align themselves with Allah’s enemies, their laziness in worship, and their final end in the Hereafter.


  1. Rules of marriage especially concerning the women who cannot be taken in marriage.
  2. Men and women's rights over their properties.
  3. Disagreement and reconciliation between husband and wife.
  4. Internal and external purity: rules of Wudu, Ghusl and prayers.
  5. Fulfil the trusts and refer all disputes to Allah and His Messenger.
  6. Those who decline to accept the decisions of Allah's Messenger are the hypocrites.
  7. It is the duty of the Believers to establish justice and protect the poor and oppressed.
  8. Hypocrites' attitude to the Prophet and to the Believers
  9. How to deal with the hypocrites who are prone to fighting
  10. Believers must respect the life of other Believers, Murder and its punishment.
  11. Believers must join and live with other Believers unless they are unable to do so.
  12. Prayers for the travellers and those who are in the battlefield.
  13. Always be just and do not take the side of the unjust.
  14. The secret councils of the hypocrites.
  15. Allah will not forgive Shirk. Shaitan's misleading of humans through deceptions and false promises.
  16. Some more directions about dealing with orphans and family disputes.
  17. Believers must stand for justice for all.  Must pay attention to their faith.
  18. Hypocrites try to deceive Allah.  They are lazy in their prayers. Their end will be the lowest part of hell.

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Surahs an-Nisa'
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