Summary of Juz 4

Ayat: ale-Imran 93 - an-Nisa 23

Ayat: ale-Imran 93 - an-Nisa 23

The importance of holding fast to the rope of Allah and the significance of unity and not splitting. The Muslim Ummah has been described as the best nation to come forth for humanity by virtue of their enjoining the good and prohibiting the evil. The evil effects of disobedience as shown to us by the example of the Battle of Uhud; The Messenger of Allah would recite the last Ayaat of ale-Imran upon waking up.

Surah an-Nisa: Establishment of the new Islamic social order after removing the pre-Islamic Jahili system.  The Just System will protect the rights of the weak and vulnerable members of society albeit, women, orphans, marriage, forced marriage, inheritance and financial rights. The Surah was revealed after the Battle of Uhud, which left 70 of the Muslims killed. This situation brought about the need to address issues such as inheritance left by those killed etc.


  1. Charity and sacrifice are necessary to attain faith and piety. Muslims should pay attention to the Ka’bah and stand firm to give the message of Islam to the world.
  2. Muslims must remain conscious of Allah and must hold fast together the rope of Allah, i.e His Book and His guidance.
  3. Role of the Muslim Ummah in the world.
  4. Critical review of the Battle of Uhud
  5. Prohibition of Riba and emphasis on charity. Believers must hasten to seek the forgiveness from their Lord. Some beautiful characters and qualities of the believers are mentioned.
  6. Prophet Muhammad is only a Messenger of Allah like other messengers. His death should not mean giving up the faith.  Believers must persevere and be patient in difficulties.
  7. Criticism of those who showed weakness during the Battle of Uhud. Muslims should be strong in their commitment to faith.
  8. True believers and the hypocrites.  Hypocrites' delinquency at the time of Uhud
  9. Steadfast attitude of the Believers. Shaytan tries to frighten the Believers, but the true Believers become even stronger after trials and tests.
  10. Some propaganda of the People of the Book against Islam and how to respond to such challenges.
  11. Allah’s promise of success for the Believers. How the believers should pray to Allah and seek His blessings.
  12. Responsibility to take care of the family.  Special care of orphans.
  13. Laws of inheritance.  It is an obligation from Allah.
  14. Relations between men and women should be based on the principle of equity and goodness.

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Surahs Ale-Imran, an-Nisa'
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