Summary of Juz 3

Ayat: al-Baqarah 253 - Ale-Imran 92

Ayat: al-Baqarah 253 - Ale-Imran 92

The main topics of Surah Ale-Imran are Tawhid, Prophethood and the truth of the Qur'an.  As Surah al-Baqarah discussed the issues related to Bani Israel, Ale-Imran discusses some issues related to the Christian community and their religious positions.  It also discusses the subjects of Hajj, Jihad, Zakat and Riba. It will end, like Surah al-Baqarah, with a profound Dua.


  1. Emphasis on charity.  To Allah belongs everything.  His Throne extends to heaven and earth.  No compulsion in religion. Allah brings out people from darkness unto light.
  2. Allah’s power over life and death, some examples: Prophet Ibrahim’s dialogue with Nimrood, a man in the valley of dead, Prophet Ibrahim asks Allah how will He raise the dead to life. Allah’s answer to Prophet Ibrahim.
  3. Allah blesses charity: some examples of how Allah blesses charity.
  4. Emphasis on charity: spend good things, give openly and secretly to the poor and needy.
  5. Prohibition of usury (riba) and its bad effects on individuals and society
  6. Some rules on loan transactions
  7. Conclusion of Al Baqarah. Everything in the heaven and earth belong to Allah, the prayer of the believers.
  8. Allah is the Ever-Living, Self-Subsisting.  He sent the Qur'an as He sent before the Tawrat and Injil for the guidance of people.  True believers are those who accept every thing of the Book of Allah and try to understand it.  Believers pray always for Allah's guidance for them.
  9. Those who reject the truth, their wealth and their progeny will not avail them anything against the chastisement of Allah.
  10. Allah bears witness for His own Tawhid as well as the angels and the people of knowledge.  The religion acceptable in the sight of Allah is Islam.
  11. To love Allah one must follow the Prophet.  Obedience to Allah and His Messenger are necessary for faith.  Allah chose Adam, Noah, Family of Ibrahim and the Family of Imran to guide humanity through them. Many prophets and messengers of Allah came for this purpose.
  12. Birth of Jesus and his true message. Jesus preached the message of Tawhid. His true followers are those who recognize Tawhid. Jesus’ birth was miraculous, just as Adam’s was miraculous.
  13. Some Christians argued with the Prophet. He asked them to come for an open Mubahalah (invoking the curse of Allah upon the liar).
  14. Invitation to the People of the Book to come to a common word of Tawhid and obedience to Allah.
  15. Some People of the Book try to discredit Islam. Muslims are warned to be conscious of this challenge. Previous prophets and their scriptures confirm the truth of Islam.

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Surahs al-Baqarah, Ale-Imran
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