Summary of Juz 2

Ayat: al-Baqarah 142 - al-Baqarah 252

Ayat: al-Baqarah 142 - al-Baqarah 252

The Qur'an was revealed in Ramadhan and the first occurrence of the word "Qur'an" mentioned in the Mushaf is the Ayat of Ramadhan (2:185) (“Ramadhan” only appears once in the Qur'an). Rules and regulations concerning Hajj, Marriage, Divorce, Suckling etc Allah emphasizes the importance of Taqwa. The story of Goliath and a powerful nation toppled not by sheer numbers or might but through faith, patience and constancy.


  1. The change of Qiblah and the response of the hypocrites and fools.  Those who have knowledge know that this is the true Qiblah of all the Prophets.
  2. Believers will be tried but they should be firm and steadfast and must face the trials with patience and prayers.
  3. Allah’s signs and His bounties are everywhere.  The polytheists and idolaters are misplacing their loyalties.
  4. Believers should eat good and permissible food and should never follow the steps of the devil.
  5. The true piety and righteousness. Some rules related to the punishment of murderers.  The rules of bequests.
  6. Fasting and Ramadan: the objective of fasting and some rules.
  7. Rules of Hajj, fighting those who expelled Muslims from their homes.
  8. Appreciate God’s bounties.  All human beings were originally one community.  Divisions came later.  Be generous and defend your self and your faith.
  9. Some important questions answered: War in the sacred months, wine and gambling, charity, orphans’ money, divorced women and their situation.
  10. The laws of divorce and rules on the remarriage of the divorced women or the widowers.
  11. Fighting in the cause of God: Israelites.
  12. Under the leadership of Prophet David the victory came over the forces of Goliath.

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Surahs al-Baqarah
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